Western Author: Dawn Nelson
The Colt

M arnie White was a quiet and highly educated woman. She had given up her life as a bank teller for her best friend who was having some troubles on her ranch. But after her best friend got married and the trouble subsided, she was feeling like a third wheel. Marnie figured it was time she set off into the world on her own, before the secret she kept close to her heart came back to kill her. After answering a newspaper advertisement for a cow camp cook on the Montana border she was off.

Tucker Jenkins trained colts and chased cows for a living on the Rafter R ranch and has for most his life. He had been told he had a way with horses. After a nasty fall from a horse almost killed him, his boss told him to take it easy for a couple months and put him in charge of hiring a new cook. He hired the first person who sent in an application but he hadn't expected a wisp of a woman barely five feet tall who talked so softly he could barely hear her speak. They soon found out that food is more than just a way to a man's stomach it is also a way to his heart and a colt is not the only thing that can be tamed.

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