Western Author: Dawn Nelson
Then He Made Cowgirl CD

Y ou have known Dawn Nelson as an accomplished, award winning author with five published books under her belt. On September 24th, 2011 Dawn Nelson released her cowboy poetry CD titled, Then He Made Cowgirl.

All twelve tracks are original poems written and performed by Dawn herself. Dawn's CD is a true tribute to the life she lives out on her ranch.

You'll find two of the poems down below titled, "The Brand" and "Then He Made Cowgirl"

The Brand

  • And Then He Made Cowgirl
  • I think God has a special place for cowboys in his heart
  • For when he made a cowboy, it was a pure work of art

  • He took an everyday man and then made him much better
  • Gave him a way with horses, made him a real go-getter

  • He then gave him a work ethic, the strongest in the land
  • Along with this ethic two strong and able working hands

  • He taught him how to work the land, and the cattle to tend
  • He gave him a strong self worth, and loyalty, of a true friend

  • He handed him a knowledge, that is surpassed by darn few
  • And then he gave him a heart of steel, that beat pure an true

  • God looked down on what he created, it was plain to see
  • He found he had created a man, as tough as could be

  • In this cowboy he'd made, he found but one major mistake
  • There was nothing to make this cowboys heart speed up or break

  • God knew each great creation had to have a weakness to be told
  • He went back to the drawing board to make another fine mold

  • This one was a bit harder, for he'd made the cowboy so tough
  • He had to make someone who'd stay when the going got rough

  • He searched throughout heaven and all the places that could be
  • He found what he'd been looking for, the perfect recipe

  • He put a kind and gentle hand, then an understanding mind
  • A strong, but willing nature, and all the sugar he could find

  • In one form he'd made something so perfect an complete
  • It could ride, rope and shoot like the cowboy, master any feat

  • He looked at his creation, quite happy with what he saw
  • He knew that what now lay before him was perfect without a flaw

  • He threw away the mold, he knew there'd never be another
  • He'd made a cowgirl, friend, hired hand, wife and mother

  • He then placed them together and smiled as they walked away
  • For he knew what he had created would forever stay

  • He knew that cowboy and cowgirl would have some tough times
  • They would be flat broke, to their names not a single dime

  • God knew that together there was nothing they couldn't do
  • No matter what he threw at them they would always pull through