Western Author: Dawn Nelson
Deadly Rapids

P aige Harris was a mere shadow of who she used to be, since her ex-boyfriend had come into her life. The one thing she could thank him for was giving her a deep-seated fear of men. That was until her five best friends invited her to get out of town for a white water rafting adventure with them, where she meets the wildly handsome and intriguing river guide, Boe Brandon.

Boe Brandon was a white water guide until a horrible accident two years earlier made him vow to never go on the river again. That is, until one evening when his brother Mark called and begged him to take his place as guide on a seven night, eight day trip down the very same stretch of river that had cost him everything. He was pleasantly surprised to find the beautiful Paige Harris among the guests on the trip.

They both must learn to put their past behind them when they learn there is an assassin with them on the river and one of them is the target.

They must find the killer before they fall prey to him or the river's deadly rapids.