Western Author: Dawn Nelson
The Rancher

W hen Laura Dawson's husband left her for a wealthier woman, she took full custody of their two children and swore off love for good.

She's a tough and resourceful rancher who could go it alone, but the money her ex offered to stay out of his new life was too much to turn down. She's putting that payoff to use on a new stallion from South Dakota, where self-proclaimed bachelor Kyle Wilson owns and operates a 2,000-cow spread with no time for settling down.

For Kyle, life is nothing but calves and quotas until one eventful evening of Laura's visit finds both of them considering a change of heart. Their growing attraction is at odds with Kyle's individuality and Laura's new independence, not to mention the two states that separate their respective ranches. Neither is ready to leave home behind for good. But for Laura and Kyle, emotions are stirring.

So is trouble. Someone wants revenge on the Rafter R Ranch, and collateral damage is not going to stop them. A friend is terribly ill, the past is roaring back, guns are being loaded-and Laura and Kyle are about to find out just how deep their new love is, and how much it can bear before it breaks.

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