Western Author: Dawn Nelson
Wanted Dead or Alive

W anted Dead or Alive, the 4th book in The Rancher Series. Auden Steele can ride, rope, and shoot with the best of them, but one thing she can’t do is set back time—if she could, she would. A terrible accident two years earlier left her a widow after only two weeks of marriage.

She has dedicated herself to be a widow with no hope of ever marrying again until a cougar attack sends one of the most attractive and interesting men she has ever met into her life.

Lance Wheeler is a game warden. He loves the animals and the solitude of his job but the attack in Washington has his department sending him out as a cougar specialist.

A two day drive, a wanted poster, and a fist fight finds him face to face with one of the most alluring women he has ever met. But he soon learns she is hardened by life and death and they are after the same thing out on the range—him with a tranquilizer gun and her with a real one.

A dangerous hunt and a terrible accident places them in each other’s arms; however, they still have one problem, Lance needs the cougar alive and Auden wants him dead. Can they come to an agreement before one of them does something that can’t be undone?

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