Western Author: Dawn Nelson
This page contains basic information about Dawn's current projects, the next book to be looking for and may even contain some pictures!
An overview of books by Dawn Nelson.
A Cowgirl Remembers When...
A brief synopsis of the book "A Cowgirl Remembers When..."
A Cowgirl Never Forgets
Dawn Nelson picks up where she left off in 'A Cowgirl Remembers When...'. You'll find a synopsis on this page.
Cowgirl's Justice
A brief synopsis of the book "Cowgirl's Justice.
The Colt
The second book in the Rancher series, you'll find a brief synopsis to look over on this page.
The Rancher
The third and latest release in the Rancher series, you'll find a brief synopsis over on this page.
Family Tree Recipes
A collection of family favorites over the centuries submitted by Dawn Nelson, Jennifer Singer, and Linda Singer. You'll find one recipe to wet your appetite on this page.
Then He Made Cowgirl CD
Dawn's first cd with a collection of her poems, you'll find one of her poems on the screen, and one that you can listen to as well.
About Dawn Nelson
A page filled with pictures and information about Dawn Nelson.
Events to be looking forward to.
Past Events
With Dawn's busy schedule, it's nice to go back and find out what she has been doing.
Silver Spur Western Gathering
The Silver Spur Western Gathering Page
Silver Spur Cruise
The page for the recent cruise on Lake Couer d'Alene
Contact Dawn Nelson
This page has information about how to get hold of Dawn or her publisher.
You'll find information about Dawn Nelsons cattle here.